15 Best Chrome Extensions for Instagram

Although IG is extremely popular for mobile devices, the browser version does not work so well on Chrome. Some features are missing and posting isn’t as easy or enjoyable. Fortunately, there is several Chrome extensions for Instagram that add more features to save you time and make you feel more productive.

We have created a list of best instagram extensions for chrome you may find beneficial. Whether it’s uploading, downloading, direct messaging or tracking videos anonymously, you’ll find them here.

Top Chrome Extensions for Reading

desktop for instagram

While using the official desktop Instagram app works well, it doesn’t have all the features of the mobile version. Even the browser version has some limitations. Desktop extension for Instagram for Chrome features a mobile layout on your screen with most of the same functionality.

One of the missing features is the ability to send direct messages. Nevertheless, you will be able to browse posts, stories and videos in the same size as your phonein portrait instead of landscape.

IG uploader

If you want to record messages or download pictures and videos, you should try IG Downloader for Chrome. The extension adds a download icon next to an image on a profile, while you’ll see a save button next to posts and videos. There is also a Download All button next to the Follow icon on the profile.

The problem is that Instagram will block you for about five minutes if you download too much content in a short time. So choose your images carefully and leave some space between uploads. Those photos will still be there when you come back later.

Best Instagram Chrome Extensions

Hiddengram – view insta stories anonymously

When you view someone’s Instagram story on Chrome, two things happen. The circle around the profile story icon disappears and the person can see that you saw them. We all have our reasons for not wanting anyone to know we saw it (don’t lie, we know). Hiddengram – view insta stories anonymously quickly delete your name from the list of viewers.

Also, you will notice that the the red circle returns to history icon. It’s like going to an email you’ve read and marking it as unread. The difference here is that the other person doesn’t know that you are spying on them, I mean watching them.

Hiddengram – view insta stories anonymously

Best Instagram Chrome Extensions

Night mode for Instagram

Would you like to protect your eyes from the massive amount of white colors in the Instagram background while browsing on Chrome? Yes, the browser has a dark mode, but night mode for Instagram will only change your IG page in dark mode. The environment darkens and the text turns white.

So if you find reading IG on Chrome becomes difficult and hurts your eyes, just click the Night Mode icon for Instagram once you install extension on Chrome. Turning it off is just as easy.

Best Instagram Chrome Extensions

Extension for Instagram

This add-on for Chrome might as well have been called Ultimate Extension for Instagram, as it adds a lot of functionality to the browser version. You can upload and download directly from and to your stream. There’s even keyboard navigation if you prefer that to your mouse.

For videos, you will have a mini video player with some settings to enjoy. It even lets you open images in a new Chrome tab. The best part is you can insert clickable links in the post’s comment or description. It’s a feature that Instagram desperately needs.

Best Instagram Chrome Extensions

Image Downloader for IW

Here is another Chrome extension designed for save images to your PC. Image Downloader for IW adds a small arrow icon to all images in a profile or your feed. When you click on it, the add-on will download the image to your computer.

You should note that the extension saves it to your PC’s default folder for downloading from the internet. Make sure you have enough storage space on this drive before you start recording. Alternatively, you can change default download folder on Windows.

Best Instagram Chrome Extensions

Private Message for Instagram™

The developer of this Chrome extension obviously created Direct Message for Instagram before the IG browser version added the ability to send direct messages. Even though we can send DMs now, this add-on is still convenient to install. It improves the DM experience and notifies you of new messages.

It also has some other features. You can take screenshots easier, upload images directly to IG and add stories from your PC. However, some of the tools it offers are now obsolete, like IGTV.

Best Instagram Chrome Extensions

Comment Bot for IG

Businesses may find the Comment bot for IG extension for Chrome beneficial. Once installed, it allows you to search for a hashtag term and add your comment to all related messages. It also works by someone’s location, stream, or followers.

When you select the icon, a window pops up asking you task you want to assign. Each selection has different criteria that you must meet. Keep in mind that Instagram may have restrictions on the number of comments you can post at any given time.

Best Instagram Chrome Extensions

IG Commenter – Comment Bot for Instagram

If the above Chrome extension doesn’t work as well as you want, you can try IG Commenter – Comment Bot for Instagram. You will receive a window asking you how would you like to comment, via feed, tags, location, or followers. An adorable bot picture will appear to show you it’s hard at work.

You can close Instagram if you need to leave, and the extension will continue to perform the task. Even if you close Chrome, it works on the cloud to send the comments to the required messages.

Best Instagram Chrome Extensions

IG Followers Export Tool

Do you need to view profile followers and related details for marketing purposes? The IG Follower Export Tool for Chrome extracts all the data and provides it in a CSV file. You can see the profile name, number of followers they have, number of people they follow, and biographical information. It even draws public email.

The only problem with using this valuable tool is that Instagram can detect activity if you do it too often. If so, your account may be locked, so use moderation.

Best Instagram Chrome Extensions

Media Assistant for Instagram

This basic Chrome extension does nothing more than add download icon to images so you can download them. You will also be able to download videos to your PC, which you can reuse if you want to use them again. A word of warning: do not reuse or repost images that are copyrighted.

Again you will have to limit the number of images you upload using this Instagram extension for Chrome. It’s a useful tool if you need photos for your academic homework or work projects.

Best Instagram Chrome Extensions

Unsaver for Instagram

There’s an IG feature I like to use where I save posts to bookmarks so I can revisit them later. It is usually related to gambling, bonsai or fishing posts. If you do the same, Unsaver for Instagram lets you quickly unsave messages without needing to do it for each yourself.

It saves you a lot of time, especially if you have old messages in your favorites you don’t want to see anymore. However, the developer warned that IG has been known to block accounts that use it too regularly.

Best Instagram Chrome Extensions

App for Instagram™

The App for Instagram extension for Chrome is another add-on that seems to have it all. You can upload and download media, switch to mobile layout, and switch to IG dark mode. There is also a screenshot mode which sends images to your clipboard.

You will also find some deprecated features that aren’t as useful as they may have been in the past, like IGTV and direct messaging. It is useful, however, if you want to add mobile functions to the Chrome browser version.

Best Instagram Chrome Extensions

Anonymous view for Instagram stories

As the name suggests, you can see an IG story without the person knowing you’re there. While you may find it useful, there are other features that I like more about Anonymous View for Instagram Stories. For example, you can record live ig video to watch offline later.

It is useful when you are busy working and don’t have time at see the video at this moment. While the developer claims it’s the only Chrome extension that lets you upload videos and images to Stories, we already have a few on this list that do that too.

Anonymous view for Instagram stories

Best Instagram Chrome Extensions

Controls for Instagram videos

Are you tired of just taking a break and play IG videos? Controls for Instagram videos add more functions to your Chrome browser for videos. When you enable it, you will see new buttons at the bottom of the media. If you don’t see it, you’ll need to refresh your page.

When Instagram updated the Chrome version, some of the extension features stopped working. The developer has worked hard to fix these bugs. Still, you should expect some issues when updating IG.

Best Instagram Chrome Extensions

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