Apex Legends fan recreates Autumn Estates in Minecraft and it’s amazingly accurate

An Apex Legends fan built Autumn Estates in Minecraft and perfectly recreated the iconic Olympus POI.

Since its arrival in Apex Legends throughout Season 7, Olympus has remained a fan-favorite map thanks to its countless unique and exciting points of interest.

While Bonsai Plaza, Hammond Labs, and Turbine are popular landing spots for teams at the start of a match, nowhere can match the chaos of Autumn Estates on Olympus.

The circular settlement’s abundance of loot, tight buildings, and impressive visual design seem to attract half the lobby every game. As a result, it has become an iconic location on Olympus that is instantly recognizable to any Apex player.

Well, in hopes of celebrating the POI, one dedicated Apex fan decided to take their love for Autumn Estates one step further and recreate it perfectly in Minecraft.

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Olympus arrived in Apex Legends in Season 7.

Apex player recreates Autumn Estates in Minecraft

Posted to the Apex Legends subreddit on June 13, user LighterVim decided to share his Minecraft recreation of Autumn Estates with the community.

The talented player has managed to construct every detail of the POI to the point that it’s hard to spot a single flaw in the entire design.

Whether it’s the iconic buildings that make up the bulk of the settlement, the instantly recognizable trees that are scattered around the POI, or even the landscape of Olympus in the background, it’s safe to say that they knocked it out of the park.

If that wasn’t enough, LighterVim has released the full video their Youtube channel which features the full construction accelerated in real time and it’s an amazing sight to see the whole project come together.

Recreating Fall Domains in Minecraft of legends at the top

Some Apex players couldn’t help but joke about how quiet LighterVim’s Estates location is compared to the actual game, advising them to add a bit more chaos into the mix for more accuracy. .

“It looks way too quiet, we’re going to need about 15 dive tracks, charge rifle beams, kills and arcs that fire, and other miscellaneous gunfire.”

Either way, this is without a doubt one of the most impressive Apex recreations that have been featured in Minecraft, and I hope LighterVim expands this POI to other iconic Olympus locations.

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