Arousing curiosity: Tonet Gedang unveils a vast and popular collection in the exhibition “Curious”

Film producer and art collector Anthony V. Gedang, better known as Tonet Gedang, was overflowing with pride as he welcomed guests to Curious, a three-day event featuring a series of exhibition tours, demonstrations and appearances by international experts.

The exhibit ran from March 25-27 at Celebrity Sports Plaza in Quezon City.

The “Curious” exhibition presents several bonsai installations

“The exhibition is about my 60 years of existence – the things I experienced and wanted to share with the public, and the next 60 years of how much longer I was going to live. I love sharing stories. And this exhibition is about the stories that I wanted to share,” said Gedang, owner of the exhibition and president of Artist Entertainment, Inc. during the opening of the exhibition.

Artist Anthony V. Gedang (third from left) with Mexican Ambassador Gerardo Lozano Arredondo (center) and other guests

The event began with an inauguration ceremony led by Dr. Gerardo Lozano Arredondo, Ambassador of Mexico to the Philippines. This was followed by discussions and MOA signings with various organizations including Artiste Entertainment Inc./Museum (for culture, arts and travel), Philippine Chamber of Commerce, Inc. – Quezon City (for business and travel) and the International Council of Museums. – PH (For museums, culture and the arts).

A well maintained bonsai at the Curious exhibition

The second day of the event started with Kids Club Tour. Here the youngsters enjoyed a selection of fun activities such as sports stations, visiting exhibitions and watching films. Filipino artist Juan Llaga demonstrated his skills in landscape penjing and bonsai and was followed by an orientation with Yumie Gupit of the Philippine Bonsai Society Inc. and another bonsai demonstration by Romy Dino.

More curiosities on display at the exhibition

The National Stone Society of the Philippines, simply known as NSSP, took center stage on March 27. lectures and workshops, arrangement of bonseki and artificial making of Dazia.

Gedang led a tour of the garden at the end of the event.

Guests can also watch bonsai-making demonstrations and more

In addition to the above-mentioned activities, the guests enjoyed the collaboration with the Mexican Embassy and Dr. Arredondo, the Mexican Ambassador to the Philippines. As a key part of this three-day event, the collaboration highlighted the appeal of Mexican culture and arts, business opportunities and travel with Dr. Arredondo.

Masks, figurines and wooden trinkets from Indonesia

“It is important to recognize the Asian influence brought by the historic Manila Galleon trade route that united Mexico and the Philippines for more than 250 years. That is why I would like to congratulate us for this kind of activity.

When we talk about culture, we are referring to who we are, to the traces of our memory as a society, or as the Mexican writer Carlos Fuentes would say: “Culture refers to our ways of being and our ways to dream”. said Arredondo when opening the event.

Artifacts that demonstrate the culture of Australia

Formed by Artiste Entertainment Inc. as well as art-centric movements like Bonsai PH and Suiseki PH, Artiste Musaeum is a physical and virtual space that showcases Gedang’s collections, covering a wide range of cultural materials from different parts of the globe. It is part of the International Council of Museums (ICOM), which houses more than 10,000 works of art, including relics, tribal arts, books and artifacts. The museum aims to inspire a greater sense of cultural appreciation by studying, interpreting, curating and exhibiting each piece of Mr. Gedang’s gallery.

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