Best Plant Shops Near Me in Southern California

For plant lovers, browsing a new nursery is as exciting as having a first date.

If only there was a Tinder for garden centres…

While you can’t swipe directly to potential nursery matches, you can scroll through our collection of great independent nurseries in Southern California.

When I started my hunt for the best local nurseries, I feared that the small ones would become dinosaurs, giving way to the pressure of the large distribution chains, where certainly the prices are often cheaper but the selection is less varied and more affordable. cookie cutter. And the vibe is definitely less personal.

It can also get intense for these family crèches. This winter, Jo Anne and Alex Trigo, the owners of Organic nursery for two dogsvoted Best Organic Nursery by Los Angeles Magazine in 2020, announced he was quitting, at least for a year, after struggling to operate a busy nursery and grow center out of their Mid-Wilshire home for almost 13 years.

Jo Anne said they’ve been living with grow lights and seed trays in the bedroom and on the kitchen counters and dining room table for more than a decade, working 12-hour days, planting seeds, fulfilling customer orders and maintaining inventory. . She hadn’t been able to sit on her patio since they had converted their garden into shelves and tables for plants and other goods. They hadn’t even taken a proper vacation in a dozen years.

Given that the nursery has been her lifeblood for so long, Jo Anne said she wasn’t sure if she could give it up altogether, but on the other hand, she and her husband needed time to travel, relax and rejuvenate. “I’d like to see what it’s like to Sit and enjoy my patio, with a drink and a book,” she said.

In other words, these small businesses are tough and need our support. I therefore propose this list as a start, in honor of hardworking, independent, often family garden centres, but on condition that it is not exhaustive.

I was surprised, thrilled, and a bit upset to find out that there are a lot more independent nurseries in Southern California than I originally thought, so if I missed your favorite, please email mail to [email protected]

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