Bonsai Show returns to NC Research Campus | Local News

In addition to the top-quality bonsai on display, those who want to get started in bonsai as well as experienced hobbyists can visit more than 50 tables of pre-bonsai planting material and bonsai supplies for sale at the show. Exceptional bonsai pots will also be sold.

Bonsai is an ancient art form, originating in China and later adopted by the Japanese. The word bonsai, in Japanese, means “tree in a pot”. The oldest trees in the United States were a gift from Japan during the country’s bicentennial (1976). A tree, still on display at the National Arboretum, dates from before Christopher Columbus discovered America and was a gift from the Japanese government to the United States on our 200th anniversary.

High: With the exception of tropical bonsai trees, such as fig trees, bonsai trees must be kept outdoors to live. Law: The Winter Silhouette Bonsai Show is coming to Kannapolis. A small bonsai exhibit is held in June in Kannapolis and an annual exhibit is held at the NC Arboretum in Asheville.

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Why would anyone choose bonsai as a hobby? It is a mixture of sculpture and gardening. Trees get better the more you work on them, so patience is a virtue. Bonsai trees are normal trees that are styled by wiring their branches to create the image of an old tree, and they are kept small by root pruning. These trees could grow in a yard to their full size if allowed.

Only tropical bonsai (like figs) can be kept indoors; most bonsai must be kept outdoors to survive. The art of bonsai is to make trees appear like old miniature trees. On display at the show: isolated trees as well as groups of trees that will remind you of past hikes in the forest.

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