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Bonsai specialties | In addition to giving direction to the personality, bonsai give positive energy in the house, know its other specialties

Seema Kumari

New Delhi: Many people like to plant trees to give a natural look to the house. Speaking of Vastu-Science, there are many such trees and plants, which are considered very suitable for planting in the house. The prevalence of the ‘Bonsai’ plant is enormous. But, a certain direction has been fixed for planting these little plants, let us know –

It is said that by planting a Bonsai plant in the house, the air in the house remains clean. They purify the air. Apart from that, it eliminates the toxins present in the house. By doing this, you get clean air inside the house.

According to experts, nowadays many people develop Bonsai Plant according to Vastu. It also includes Triveni i.e. Peepal, Banyan and Neem, Belpatra, Parijat and Bonsai of certain fruit plants. People also like to give them as gifts for any occasion. The practice of giving away bonsai trees to welcome people also grew rapidly.

If a person shows work too soon and regrets after making a decision, then a bonsai can help that person. It is believed that by planting a bonsai in the house, the members of the house become patient. Also stress free. Apart from this, bonsai also improves decision-making ability.

According to Vastu-shastra, if a person gets very angry or frustrated with something quickly. So, in such a situation, that person should plant bonsai in his house. It is believed that by applying it in the house, the anger is controlled and at the same time the mind remains calm.

It is believed that bonsai protects against many diseases and increases the circulation of positive energy by eliminating negative energy inside the house.

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