Fusing scientific and artistic excellence and leading her way to the top, Dr. Kasia Sterriker. – The UBJ

She passionately promoted sustainable environmental art, excelling in the niche as a true blue artist.

It is so amazing to learn more about all these professionals who never neglect a stone to reach their highest potential and achieve the desired success in the industries they choose to be in. Most of these professionals, experts, entrepreneurs and other geniuses in the industry have proven that with determination and pure passion for something, people can fight their way to the top, become their best versions, while inspiring others. other budding talents in the industry to do and be their best. Many innovators have also propelled those who helped pave the way for growth and inspired them to make their mark on their own. We’ve seen how Dr. Kasia Sterriker has done the same in the world of sustainable environmental art.

She always looked for a profession that could help her creative and academic sides flourish, and since she couldn’t decide between becoming a scientist and a creative professional, she decided to embrace both, earning her two doctorates. , one in environmental engineering. and one in landscape architecture. This boosted her confidence and conviction to do more to apply her skills and knowledge to positively impact the lives of others, so she entered the world of urban planning, civil projects and worked on the transformation of urban landscapes and communal spaces. Dr. Kasia Sterriker’s sheer skills and passion for horticulture and the scientific knowledge behind it led her to become a successful scientist, developing patented solutions to support plants over long journeys.

In 2014, Dr Kasia moved to the UK, from where she undertook a series of contracts, both design and development and project management, working in London, Geneva, Paris, Brussels and Zurich for several wealthy people, world famous personalities. and also institutions to transform, create and build exceptional indoor and outdoor living spaces in the homes of famous personalities, incorporating his vision of sustainable environmental art.

She attributes her creative side to her father; she confesses, who is one of the few bonsai masters in Europe, and her inner scientist to her grandfather, a university professor and environmental engineer responsible for many landmark civil projects in Poland, where she is from.

Today, Dr. Kasia Sterriker works rigorously at creative, beautiful, and functional environmental art and, where possible, incorporates it into high-quality, innovative design projects and is heavily influenced by her ability to provide optimized, creative and highly efficient living and working environments that merge the boundaries between indoor and outdoor living.

For more, follow her on Instagram @dr_kasia_sterriker.

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