Grow Your Own Cherry Blossom Bonsai With This Kit From Amazon

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The Japanese tradition of growing bonsai – originally derived from an ancient Chinese gardening practice – is an art dedicated to growing miniature trees that mimic the shape of their full-size counterparts in nature. Ever wanted to try your hand at growing your own bonsai? Well, you’re in luck. Amazon sells bonsai seed kits that have everything you need to start growing a japanese cherry blossom bonsai from scratch, all for just $19.99. The starter kit includes all the necessary materials: Japanese cherry blossom bonsai seeds, a ceramic pot, a mix of bonsai soil, pebbles and an educational guide.

Contrary to what those unfamiliar with bonsai might think, these little trees are not produced from special seedlings that cause them to grow that way. In reality, normal tree seedlings are used; however, they are propagated and pruned in such a way that they remain small, rather than reaching their adult size and height. As the little plants grow, they must continue to be pruned, shaped and styled to meet the gardener’s artistic vision and design.

Just a fair warning – this process is not for the faint of heart. The whole task of growing a bonsai tree to full maturity from a seedling takes years of dedication, care, patience and a lot of pruning, even if you use a special starter kit. The stratification process alone can take a few months, so it may take several months before your seedlings even begin to sprout. If you’re not sure you’re here for the long haul, there’s always the LEGO version – it grows much faster, requires little to no work to maintain and is sure to never wilt or die .

But if you think you have the green thumb and the patience to try bonsai growing, you can buy the 9GreenBox: Japanese Cherry Blossom Bonsai Seed Kit on Amazon today.

Ever wanted to try growing your own Japanese cherry blossom bonsai? There is a kit available for only $19.99!

Japanese Cherry Blossom Bonsai Seed Kit

Amazon Bonsai Kit

9GreenBox | $19.99

Want to try growing a different type of bonsai? Here are some other bonsai kits to choose from:

bonsai seed kit

Amazon Bonzai Tree Kit Seed Variety Pack

Republic of Gardens | $19.96

Home Grown Premium Bonsai Starter Kit.

home grown bonsai kit

HOME GROWN | $45.00

Tropical bonsai seed kit

Tropical Bonsai Kit

Superfly Bonsai Shop | $24.97+

Bonsai starter kit and learning guide

Planters Choice Bonsai Starter Kit

Choice of planters | $24.99

Not sure if you have a green thumb or the patience to grow bonsai? Try building one with the LEGO version!

Bonsai LEGO

LEGO Bonsai Kit

LEGO | $49.99

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