Growing a cannabis bonsai at home

Dear Stoner: Can I really grow a cannabis bonsai? It would be so beautiful to watch next summer.

Dear Danny: You’re not the only one interested in cannabis bonsai. Colorado Gov. Jared Polis dove into the topic on his Facebook page last week, using it as a way to remind Coloradons of home cultivation laws.

Cannabis bonsai are basically born in conflict, as a bonsai is bred for its longevity and short stature while cannabis is bred for its yields and harvest. In fact, some hard-core bonsai growers don’t think cannabis is compatible with the bonsai ethic at all – but if you can forget about going for a big plant and a big yield, it’s hard not to be floored. by these beautifully trimmed little plants. devils on the internet.

Are they real? Yes, but the same way the beautiful pizza on a Domino’s ad is: there’s the model, and then there’s the reality.

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Cannabis bonsai require more disciplined training than pot plants grown for yield.

While cannabis bonsai would be difficult to grow, it is possible, according to several horticulturists. You need to find genetics with strong roots and be diligent when training and manipulating the trunk of the plant so that it twists and bends. You will also need to prune the leaves regularly, but not so much that only bare buds are left. There are several online guides with more detailed information. No matter which one you follow, be prepared to spend a lot of time on trial and error if you want a real cannabis bonsai and not just an ugly little potted plant.

And yes, even a small, ugly potted plant is one of the six you can grow at home, as Polis notes.

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