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Respawn Entertainment is finally bringing its battle royale experience to mobile. here is everything you need to know about Apex Legends Mobile, including release date, beta, gameplay and maps.

Apex Legends has been on consoles and PC for three years now, as the game is about to celebrate its anniversary with the Season 12 Collection event.

Apex Legends is now in Season 12, and while this season has a lot to offer, players are still looking forward to future seasons.

That being said, Respawn Entertainment has decided to bring the battle royale to the mobile gaming community, with some players having the option to play the game sooner through the soft launch update.

Does Apex Legends Mobile have a release date?

Unfortunately, there is currently no official release date for Apex Legends Mobile as the game is still in beta with soft launch announced for specific countries.

While we don’t have any confirmation or indication as to the release date, some suggest we could see the official launch in April 2022 after the release of a recent trailer for the game, which may have hinted at the game. future arrival of Blisk.

If you want to get your hands on it early, you may be eligible for the soft launch.

Apex Legends Mobile soft launch

Respawn has been running small closed beta tests of the mobile game in 2021, starting in India and expanding to places like Egypt and Colombia.

Now, in February 2022, Respawn has announced that the game will officially receive a Soft Launch update, which will only be available for certain regions.

Although it does not yet have a release date, players can register for the Soft Launch now on the Google Play Store as long as they are in one of the ten regions in which it will be available.

Game on Apex Legends Mobile

apex legends mobile mayhem game

Gameplay in Apex Legends Mobile will be inherently similar to the battle royale gamers know and love, with all the same weapons and mechanics.

From little things like unlimited ammo in the firing range to detailed stats for each weapon, there are some differences the developers have explicitly implemented for the mobile version that were spotted in the beta and may stick around for launch.



To start, players will choose from a smaller group of Legends from the main game. The Closed Beta currently only has Bloodhound, Gibraltar, Lifeline, Wraith, Bangalore, Caustic, Octane, and Wattson.

Many have spotted Revenant in one of Mobile’s promotional images, so perhaps more captions will come out as beta testing continues.

In the third person

A third-person perspective is another feature available only in Mobile, aside from an easter egg that players can activate in the PC and console version’s firing range.

In the mobile version, players can switch between third and first person, depending on their preference. In third person, players will have a better view of their surroundings and the camera will return to first when aiming.

Apex Legends Moving Maps

edge of the world

In the mobile beta, the only Battle Royale map available is World’s Edge. That could change on release, and we may see Kings Canyon and Olympus on mobile at some point, but as far as we know, it’s only World’s Edge for now.

There are other maps available to players, such as the Arenas map from the main Artillery game. This map is available in Arenas for Apex Legends Mobile and in the Team Deathmatch mode which is making its way to PC and console via the Season 12 LTM “Control”.

Dataminers have also found some exclusive maps in the Apex Legends Mobile files, but again, we’ll likely get more information on that when the full game launches and is revealed.

As more information is released about Apex Legends Mobile, we’ll be sure to update this article, so check back in the future for more news. For more, check out the best audio settings for Apex Legends.

Image credits: Respawn Entertainment

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