NFTreeTokens is committed to making the NFT industry a greener space

NFTreeTokens is an eco-friendly project featuring a collection of 3,000 hand-drawn NFTs with a mission to plant trees and reclaim areas affected by forest fires.

According to forest fire statistics from Congressional Research Service, “From 2011 to 2020, there were an average of 62,805 wildfires per year and an average of 7.5 million acres affected each year. In 2020, 58,950 wildfires burned 10.1 million acres, the second most affected area in a year since 1960. Nearly 40% of those acres were in California.

While many organizations, charities and individuals are doing their best to revitalize the scorched trees and soil, a green-minded NFT project called NFTreeTokens came to help from the crypto sphere.

NFTreeTokens offer environmentally conscious individuals and nature lovers a unique opportunity to join efforts to plant trees and minimize the damage caused by wildfires in the United States of America. Project leaders explain that the dangers of raging wildfires can have disastrous consequences for the world, communicating:

“Every 1.2 seconds, the man destroys an area of ​​forest the size of a football field. 46% of the world’s forests have already been destroyed. Trees and plants are burned, degraded and felled at astonishing rates. Together we can change things. »

The project has already partnered with A planted treean organization that has planted over 40 million trees in over 43 countries around the world since 2014. The project’s mission is to plant 100 trees for each NFT soldundertaking major reforestation efforts with a plan to make the world greener:

“Reforestation is one of the best ways to restore a healthy environment after a fire, in which the soil and the surrounding landscape are significantly damaged. The last wildfire season on the west coast of North America was extreme. But an effective way to directly help the affected regions is to plant a tree,” NFTreeTokens project officials said.

As established by the Congressional Research Service, most wildfires hit areas in California. NFTreeTokens currently focuses on these places, growing native tree species and helping the land heal.

The NFTreeTokens collection includes 3,000 unique hand-drawn bonsai trees available on OpenSea. Bonsai trees are symbols of strength, peace, longevity and harmony with nature. The company stresses that these values ​​perfectly describe their mission.

NFTreeTokens plans to launch the first 2,800 NFT Bonsai Trees coins on World Bonsai Day 2022, May 14. The rest of the collection, the Earth Collection, will launch on World Biodiversity Day, May 22, with 200 unique designs.

After the release of the Earth collection, NFTreeTokens will focus on planting trees. NFTreeTokens plans to build a strong and healthy community of tree lovers, who will have voting rights regarding the locations of subsequent reforestation efforts.

More information about NFTreeTokens and Bonsai Tree tokens can be found on the project official site.

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