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Photo: Phil Johnson II and Paul G. Wiegman

Orchid and tropical bonsai show: an ocean of colors at the Phipps

Already sick from the cold? Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens has a cure for the winter blues with their new exhibit.

Opening on 15 Jan. Orchid and tropical bonsai show: an ocean of colors includes vibrant orchids, fruiting and flowering bonsai, and more. An ocean of colors is the latest iteration of the annual show.

Abby Krick, interactive marketing coordinator at Phipps, explains that the tropical theme was chosen during the colder months of the year to help people take a break from the chill.

“This year’s theme, An ocean of colorsemphasizes a tropical environment with vibrant hues, aquatic-themed exhibits, and tropical plant life,” she says.

Previous Orchid and tropical bonsai shows include A touch of shine in 2021, and eye candya 2019 exhibit that featured orchids and other plants shaped into patterns inspired by sweet treats.

Click to enlarge Tropical Orchid and Bonsai Show: A Sea of ​​Color at Phipps - PHOTO: PHIL JOHNSON II AND PAUL G. WIEGMAN

Photo: Phil Johnson II and Paul G. Wiegman

Orchid and tropical bonsai show: an ocean of colors at the Phipps

This show, designed by Kevin Haughey and Jordyn Melino, differs from previous years and will complement another upcoming exhibition. Krick says that for this year’s theme, Phipps wanted something “very tropical and aquatic” to complement the Hawaii Rainforest Showwhich will run concurrently with the Orchid and Tropical Bonsai Show from February 19.

“Over the past few years we have increasingly focused on new themes for our orchid and tropical bonsai exhibit to bring a fresh perspective to this showcase of some of our favorite plants,” Krick said. “In 2020, for example, we used the ‘Out of This World’ theme to create exhibitions inspired by outer space.”

Another difference from previous shows is that for the first time there will be live goldfish swimming in the Sunken Garden.

“These beautiful fish served as inspiration for the theme of this show and we wanted them to have time to shine in our greenhouse,” Krick said.

Along with live fish, there will also be “whimsical fish decor,” such as fish-shaped planters and orchid sculptures. A soothing soundtrack of flowing water will play throughout to set the mood, making this show a true tropical escape.

“Guests can expect a show filled with diverse varieties of orchids and tropical bonsai trees from our own personal collections,” Krick said. “The orchid family has over 28,000 currently accepted species, which means there are endless possibilities in terms of variety, and each bonsai is unique thanks to the decades of careful artistic pruning it receives.”

In addition, customers can consult the interactive screens at Garden railway: bridges and tunnels show, which features miniature recreations of western Pennsylvania scenes.

Tickets must be reserved in advance and face masks are required for guests aged 2 and over.

Orchid and tropical bonsai show: an ocean of colors. Continues until March 6. Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens. 1 Schenley Park,
Oakland. Included with admission.

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