Plant Influencers or Plant Influencers are now essential on all social networks

We all need to know that sustainability is on the rise. From eating healthy to being healthy, all types of influencers are now turning to the social. Get ready to learn all about plant influencers or plant influencers.

Fashion? Uh, we don’t really have the opportunity to dress anymore. The kitchen? Well, to be honest, we’re a little fed up with making pancakes. So what is left? Plants! In real gardens for the lucky ones, in terrariums for the little ones and even hanging on the walls, nothing can stop the “plant influencers”, those fanatics of plants who transform their interiors into real urban jungles.

The trend is not entirely new. In November 2018, The New York Times published a survey in November 2018 on the rise in popularity of these digital influencers. But the arrival of the pandemic has further accentuated this trend. Google has also seen a huge increase in gardening-related searches.

In an atmosphere of an urban jungle, these plant influencers exhibit their most beautiful specimens, distill their watering advice and above all deploy dreamlike universes, all the more so in these times of disconnection with nature. Halfway between “Alice in Wonderland” and Elle Decor, foliage invades the walls, becoming tapestries and headboards and replacing books on the shelves.

Plants for everyone

Of course, it cannot be denied that plants have many benefits. Cheap, they are accessible to all budgets. And gardening, even indoors, is good for morale. Asked by the French magazine Psychologies, Denis Richard, head of department at the Henri Laborit hospital in Poitiers, even suggested that the activity is “likely to prevent the appearance of certain disorders or dependencies, to influence the evolution. of certain pathologies (neurological, psychiatric), to improve living conditions. A must therefore in these gloomy times.

No wonder then that these phytofluencers are followed by a large audience. The account The threshold, for example, is followed by 838,000 followers on Instagram. Both a shop and a blog, the account provides advice through its stories to take care of its beloved plants.

Another great success, the account indoor plant club has one million followers. The two creators, Morgan Doane and Erin Harding, even published a book called “How to Raise a Plant: and Make It Love You”.

For those in small spaces with big ambitions, Darryl Cheng and his indoor plant journal, with more than 500,000 subscribers, publishes tips daily. In the same vein, The jungle in a pot, Hilton carter and JamiesJungle all focus on the aesthetics of the green interior.

The trend has also taken hold on TikTok, where tutorials for growing plants from seeds or making macrame planters are ubiquitous. Jessie Jacobson’s story, grandirjessie, for example, shows subscribers how to extract seeds from dragon fruit and grow them at home. You can also learn how to clean the roots of your favorite plants to repot them. A must have.

Monstera deliciosa forever

For those who want to get into the urban jungle trend, it’s impossible to get started without a monstera deliciosa. Graphic, elegant and ultra Instagrammable, the plant is described by the Slate site as a generational fashion phenomenon, the essential accessory of the moment. Seen on wallpapers, jewelry, and even tattoos, the trend is absolutely everywhere.

But if this elegant plant with “cut” leaves seems to have seduced the general public, ginkgo biloba is already on the horizon.

Indian plant influencers

Lucknow-based Kopal is a breath of fresh air for all of us trapped inside. She maps her gardening escapades with exotic flowers. You can see everything she does by following her instagram page @witchcraft

New Delhi-based Vinayak is all about planting well. Its gram is filled with dos and don’ts of planting, from what fertilizer to use, to the amount of sunlight needed for each plant. Follow his gram @

Archana’s plant decorating game is what we all live for. While some might enjoy the jungle vibe, Archana’s Gram is all about how to use plants in the most minimal way. Follow his account for @plantstylistmumbai

Sowing the seeds of a future trend …

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