RHS Hampton Court Garden Festival Medalists

Best show garden

Over The Wall Garden, supported by Takeda (gold)

by Matthew Childs

Best Building (Show Garden)

Over The Wall Garden, supported by Takeda

Built by Yoreland Design

Best garden to start

Garden Lunch Break

Designed by Inspired Earth Design (gold)

Best Global Impact Garden

What does not burn

Designed by Victoria Manoylo and Carrie Preston (gilt silver)

Best Build (Get Started and Global Impact Garden)

The garden of wooden spoons

Built by Lifestyle Gardens Design & Build (golden silver)

2022 RHS Iconic Horticultural Hero

Iconic Horticultural Hero Garden – Sarah Eberle

by Sarah Eberle

Blue Diamond Garden – vermeil silver

Silver: Macmillian, Sue Ryder, Turfed Out

Bronze: Sunburst, Connections

Best Exhibition in the Floral Marquee (Tudor Rose)

Hostas & Daylilies New Forest

A display of Japanese-themed hostas

Best Rose Show

David Austin Roses Ltd.

english roses

Best exhibition on plant heritage

Marwood Hill Gardens

National collection of Astilbe

RHS Master Grower

Todd’s Botanical

Floral medals

GOLD Alchemy Ferns FM264 Hardy Ferns and Tree Ferns
GOLD Beech Tree Farm Plants FM238 Topiary, Lavender & Herbs
GOLD Brighter Blooms FM286 A display of container grown Zantedeschia (Calla)
GOLD Craig House Cacti FM202 A wide selection of cacti and succulents
OR David Austin Roses Ltd FR754 English Roses
GOLD Derbyshire Bonsai FM216 Bonsai and Japanese Maples
GOLD Dibleys Nurseries FM275 Foliage Begonia, Coleus and Unusual Houseplants
GOLD Dibleys Nurseries FM276 Streptocarpus
GOLD Every Picture Tells a Story Ltd FM240 Bromeliads in a natural setting GOLD Federation of British Bonsai Societies FM261 Bonsai grown in the UK by society members
GOLD Green JJam Nurseries FM246 White Nursery & Penstemon
GOLD Hampshire Carnivorous Plants FM283 Carnivorous Plants
GOLD Hardy’s Cottage Garden Plants FM260 Herbaceous Perennial Summer Bloom Display
GOLD Hare Spring Cottage Plants FM267 Seasonal Perennials in a Garden
GOLD Harts Nursery FM204 A Lily Display
GOLD Hoyland Plant Center FM268 Educational Agapanthus Display, × Amarine & Nerine Award Exhibitor Name Exhibitor Site Number
GOLD Jacques Amand International Ltée FM265 Bulbous plants and flowers
GOLD Kitchen Garden Plant Center FM247 A garden for eating
GOLD Mandy Plants FM287 A presentation of Mandevilla
OR Marwood Hill Gardens PH257 National Collection of Astilbe
GOLD New Forest Hostas & Hemerocallis FM226 A Hosta presentation with a Japanese theme
OR npcginkgo (National Plant Collection of Ginkgo) FM218 National Collection of Ginkgo biloba and cultivars
GOLD Orchid Society of Great Britain FM205 A display of Anguloa and other orchids in a naturalistic setting
GOLD Ottershaw Cacti FM217 Rare and Unusual Cacti and Other Succulents
OR Parigo Alstroemeria FM284 Alstroemeria
OR Peter Beales Roses FR752 Old Fashioned and Contemporary Roses in a Garden Scene
GOLD Pheasant Acre Plants FM249 Gladioli
OR Plantagogo FM224 Heuchera, × Heucherella and Tiarella
GOLD Primrose Hall Peonies FM285 Peonies
OR Roualeyn Fuchsias FM236 A display of fuchsias
GOLD Southfield Nurseries FM209 Cacti and Succulents
GOLD Surreal Succulents FM273 Rare and Unusual Succulents
GOLD W & S Lockyer FM228 Succulents with Perennials
GOLD WS Warmenhoven FM213 Alliums and Nectaroscord

SILVER-GILT Ashcroft’s – Perennials and Ornamental Grasses FM244 Ornamental Grasses
SILVER-GILT Bowdens Nursery Ltd FM221 Hosta and Ferns
SILVER-GILT Brookfield Plants FM245 A display of hostas
SILVER-GILT Burncoose Nurseries FM229 An Exhibition of Heath Trees and Shrubs Price Exhibitor Name Site Number Exhibitor
SILVER-GILT Calamazag Nursery FM282 A Dianthus Display
SILVER-GILT Daisy Roots FM237 Drought Tolerant Perennials and Grasses
SILVER-GILT D’Arcy & Everest FM234 Alpines & perennials in containers
SILVER-GILT Darren Everest Dahlias FM274 A Dahlia Display
SILVER-GILT David Cheshire Nurseries Ltd FM232 Japanese Garden Plants, Niwaki and Choice and Rare Plants
SILVER-GILT Driftwood Bonsai FM203 Bonsai
SILVER-GILT Eastcroft Roses FR753 English Cottage Garden Roses
SILVER-GILT G & K Carnations FM219 Cut flower carnations
SILVER-GILT Glebelands Nursery FM223 Perennial Mix in a Cottage Garden Theme
SILVER-GILT Spring/Summer Display HW Hyde & Son FM230
SILVER-GILT Heucheraholics FM206 Heuchera, × Heucherella and Tiarella
SILVER-GILT Hogarth Hostas PH278 National Collection of Small and Miniature Hostas
SILVER-GILT Jonathan Sheppard PH255 The National Plant Collection of Cosmos bipinnatus
SILVER-GILT Keith Partington Premier Alpines FM270 Rhodohypoxis and Associated Plants
SILVER-GILT Laurence Hobbs Orchids Ltd FM212 A display of exotic orchids
SILVER-GILT Lincolnshire Pond Plants Ltd FM243 A range of pond plants
SILVER-GILT Middleton Nurseries FM272 Salvia
SILVER-GILT National Collection of Rubus PH279 A selection of rare and unusual species of Rubus
SILVER-GILT Norfield Nurseries Ltd FM250 Acers and Japanese Maples
SILVER-GILT Plant Heritage PH253b What is your passion for plants?
SILVER-GILT Potash Nursery FM210 Pelargoniums
VERMEIL Clematis Priorswood FM235 Clematis in pots and tubs VERMEIL La Pépinière Botanique FM241 Le Jardin du Planteur
SILVER-GILT Tynings Climbers PH256 National Passiflora Collection SILVER-GILT Tynings Climbers FM214 Hardy and tender climbers Price Exhibitor Name Site Number Exhibitor

SILVER Bean Place Nursery FM239 Summer Blooming Perennials Mixed with Grasses and Ferns
SILVER Brookfield Plants PH258 Daylily
SILVER Floyds Climbers & Clematis FM271 Clematis specialist display
SILVER Roses Harkness FR751 Roses
SILVER Hillview Hardy Plants FM262 Pollinator Attractive Seasonal Perennials
SILVER Brookfield Plants PH258 Daylily
SILVER Floyds Climbers & Clematis FM271 Clematis Specialist Show SILVER Harkness Roses FR751 Roses
SILVER Hillview Hardy Plants FM262 Pollinator Attractive Seasonal Perennials
SILVER Sir Harold Hillier Gardens PH280 The 14 National Collections of Hillier Gardens
SILVER Westdale FM201 Bougainvillea
SILVER Fryer’s Roses are part of the Blue Diamond FR750 Roses group
SILVER Sir Harold Hillier Gardens FM233 Plants celebrating the collections of Harold Hillier

BRONZE Plantbase FM222 Japanese style deadly garden

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