Shanta Lifestyle Limited and Gruppo Euromobil: a successful partnership

Gruppo Euromobil, designed in Italy in 1972, is a specialist in contemporary furniture for the home and contract. The company immediately became famous for its technological investments which created a perfect balance between design, quality and affordability. The Group consists of three brands – Euromobil, Zalf and Désirée – all inspired by the same state-of-the-art production philosophy, combining craftsmanship with extremely innovative, flexible and versatile manufacturing systems.

Euromobil is the first company of the Group, founded in 1972. It produces timeless kitchen collections for which all aspects of quality are absolute values. Zalf was founded in 1974 and soon became part of Gruppo. The brand designs living rooms, sleeping areas, children’s and teenagers’ bedrooms, office compositions in a warm and distinctive way. Désirée has been part of the Euromobil family since 1995. Désirée manufactures sofas, armchairs, beds and complementary elements such as rugs and poufs in line with the “Home soft home” design philosophy, i.e. say a particular approach to interpret and recreate the welcome and friendly atmosphere typical of the house.

Désirée’s unique and world-renowned pieces are made by designers like Roberto Gobbo, Marc Sadler, Matteo Thun & Antonio Rodriguez, Setsu & Shinobu Ito e Jai Jalan with attention to detail and production quality, guaranteeing excellence and practicality. .

Shanta Lifestyle Limited has collaborated with Gruppo Euromobil to bring all of its world famous brands exclusively to Bangladesh.

Shanta Lifestyle aims to meet the burgeoning home decor needs of Bangladeshi consumers who seek pragmatic and exclusive design solutions. It was created to provide a one-stop solution for all interior design needs and set standards in this landscape. The partnership with Gruppo Euromobil demonstrates this ambition.

The Experience Center is located on the second floor of the Shanta Forum in Tejgaon and features Desiree and Zalf’s popular products – which are also available on her website, This website highlights other brands available from Shanta Lifestyle and offers customization using Augmented Reality (AR) to allow consumers to view different changes in real time.

The store has designated areas, which should mimic certain spaces in a home. The first area that is sure to catch the eye of its visitors is the living space. The space includes Roberto Gobbo’s Kubic sofa. This rectangular, compact and plush sofa welcomes visitors with warmth and comfort. The Kubic in its fabric finish can turn into a full size bed when the need arises.

The Kubic is coordinated with the Ludwig sofa, also designed by Roberto Gobbo. The sofa has no armrests or legrests and is covered with removable leather upholstery. The body of the sofa is made of metal. The design of the Ludwig ensures versatility and flexibility. The Ludwig can fit into any living space, adding to the aesthetic and sparking curiosity. Next to the sofa rests the Koster armchair by Marc Sadler. This one has a deconstructed shape inspired by the 50s, harmonizing and complementing the seating arrangement. The set is completed with the Sabi tables by Setsu & Shinobu Ito, which feature a range of center and side tables to add color and contrast to the overall living space. The larger, dark brown Sabi is accompanied by the side table variant in white, creating a pleasant contrast of shades.

Going deeper into the exhibition room, we discover a nocturnal installation. The Shellon bed is in the center, designed by Setsu & Shinobu Ito, which stays true to Desiree’s motto of being soft, and conveys welcoming emotion to visitors. The bed rests on its slender metal legs to create a floating feel invoking lightweight appeal. The bed is flanked by the coffee table — Stum also by Setsu & Shinobu Ito. The minimalist design of the metal body is highlighted by its ease of use. Right next to the bed rests the armchair, Kara designed by Marc Sadler, which is clean and elegant, accented by walnut bronze. The wooden structured armchair has a swivel and an ottoman, making it the perfect companion for relaxing. The set is completed with the side table, Yori by Setsu & Shinobu Ito, and is a tribute to Japanese bonsai. The gold finish and reflective glass top are essential for storing books.

Then there is the Zalf area, which has four different areas for children of different age groups. The Z773, Z780, Z781 and Z784 solutions are all designed to provide everything a child or teenager needs in their room. Different rooms are in different colors and have beds, desks, wardrobes and a wall bookcase. All configurations can be customized and adjusted to your liking after consultation with representatives.

Shanta Lifestyle Limited also offers state-of-the-art kitchen solutions from Euromobil that offer world-renowned modularity, charm and flexibility. The solutions can be used through consultations at Shanta Lifestyle.

Photo: Bayezid Bin Waheed

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