The Bonsai Supply launches two bonsai soil mixes for contemporary practitioners

The company’s soil mixes are carefully mixed to create the best soil environment for bonsai trees to thrive.

One of the most crucial aspects of growing bonsai trees is using the right soil mix. One cannot simply plant a bonsai in ordinary garden soil and expect it to flower. Bonsai soil requirements are specific and often exacting. Florida-based retail store The Bonsai Supply is rising to the challenge with its soil mixes, making it easier for contemporary practitioners to find a suitable soil mix for their bonsai.

Bonsai Supply offers two soil mixes – Universal Soil Mix and Shohin Bonsai Soil Mix.

The Universal Soil Mix is ​​the best seller in the store. It is carefully blended by The Bonsai Supply’s in-house experts to provide the optimal bonsai growing environment. As the name suggests, Universal Soil Mix works well for a wide range of bonsai trees and is widely accepted by bonsai professionals across the country.

The store’s Shohin Bonsai Soil, on the other hand, is more specific. It is specially designed for Shohin bonsai or trees under eight inches tall. This is also carefully optimized for healthy bonsai growth, similar to the Universal Soil Mix.

The best bonsai soil mixes meet three important criteria: good drainage, good aeration and good water retention. Specifically, the soil should hold moisture without drowning the plant. Without these qualities, the bonsai will suffer root rot and eventually die.

Bonsai Supply’s soil mixes allow for daily watering without worrying about overwatering, even during the rainy season. Additionally, both use soil aggregates like pumice, lava, burnt clay, and pine bark, which are excellent for aeration, acidity, water drainage, and soil retention. absorption of nutrients. All aggregates are sustainably sourced in the USA and meticulously quality controlled.

Bonsai Supply’s Universal Bonsai Soil and Shohin Bonsai Soil are available for purchase on several major e-commerce marketplaces, including Amazon, Etsy, and eBay.

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About Bonsai Sourcing

The Bonsai Supply is a Florida-based retail store run by husband and wife duo Jerome and Mari Kellerhals. It was created in 2016 to address the severe lack of bonsai supplies in the region. Today, The Bonsai Supply offers a wide variety of high quality and affordable bonsai soil mixes, trees and accessories to customers around the world. It also offers educational workshops and several bonsai resources to help more people learn about the craft.

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