The Neon Dynasty trailer is a cyberpunk fantasy

A trailer for the next Magic: The Gathering expansion, Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty, shows off the kit’s Japanese-inspired cyberpunk cityscape.

A brand new launch trailer for Kamigawa: The Neon Dynastya cyberpunk expansion for Magic: The Gathering, reveals a bright and exciting neon. The beloved trading card game, created by Wizards of the Coast, traditionally uses a fantasy setting filled with warriors and wizards. However, the long-awaited Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty set for Magic: The Gathering will instead present a world full of looming skyscrapers and tech ninjas.

While the cyberpunk aesthetic of Kamigawa: The Neon Dynasty is quite original, the Japanese-inspired world was actually introduced to Magic: The Gathering in 2003. The original version of the kit however did not have the futuristic theme, but instead was directly inspired by ancient Japan and its mythology. The new setting was popular with fans, but the new mechanics introduced in Kamigawa were less well received. Kamigawa’s new iteration seems to stay true to that classic release, showcasing old-school concepts like samurai and dragons while giving them a modern tech twist. Despite the expansion that took place 2,000 years after the original set, Kamigawa: The Neon Dynasty ninjas and ninjutsu ensure that the fan-favorite frame is always recognizable.


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A new Kamigawa: The Neon Dynasty trailer, revealed by Magic: The Gathering on YouTube, demonstrates the combination of the expansion of tradition and modernity. As a narrator discusses the relationship between the past and the future, a bonsai tree is revealed to be a complex hologram. Kamigawa’s sci-fi Undercity then pops up around the tree, with various inhabitants frozen in the middle of intense action. Twin dragons swirl across the sky, revealing a sword-wielding samurai to wrap up the trailer. Magic: The Gathering’s Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty the expansion is now available to explore.

Magic: The Gathering allows players to assemble a large deck of different characters, and Kamigawa: The Neon Dynasty will add even more color to this list of cards. For example, an overview of Kamigawa: The Neon Dynasty Blade-Blizzard Kitsune features quirky mechanics and utilities that players can expect to encounter. The deadly fox ninja is capable of performing ninjutsu, allowing him to replace an unblocked attacker on the battlefield, and his unique design demonstrates the beauty of Kamigawa.

Kamigawa: The Neon Dynasty will come back Magic: The Gathering fans to the Japanese-inspired fantasy world. While the cyberpunk landscape is quite different from the classic 2003 Kamigawa, the new cinematic trailer shows how the expansion will marry tradition and innovation. Cyborg ninjas and holographic bonsai trees will create a truly unique aesthetic for the all-new Magic: The Gathering together, which is available now.

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Magic: The Gathering is available on iOS, Android and PC.

Source: Magic: The Gathering/YouTube

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