This Shop Brings the Art of Japanese Bonsai to Vancouver

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Best Coast Bonsai is a Vancouver-based bonsai shop specializing in Japanese style plant arrangements and bonsai.

As part of our Made in Vancouver series highlighting local businesses, we spoke to Tom Uleckithe owner and artist behind Best Coast Bonsai about this beautiful plant art form.

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Operating out of East Van, Tom Ulecki creates high quality bonsai and kusamono master pieces based on techniques he learned while apprenticed in Osaka, Japan. The west coast of Canada is an ideal place for bonsai trees to grow and thrive. After returning to Vancouver, Tom launched Best Coast Bonsai. With bonsai and kusamono arrangements, the boutique offers consultation, styling and tree rental services.

“There are very few people who have been able to learn in Japan on the same scale as me. It was a rare learning opportunity, and I hope I can bring my knowledge of the art of bonsai to Vancouver The bonsai and kusamono developed by Best Coast Bonsai are of very high quality,” said Tom Ulecki in an interview with Daily Hive.

Kusamono plant arrangements are based on Japanese techniques. Each plant features a unique blend of Pacific Northwest flora like ferns, mosses and other varieties. these local, natural and reusable plant centerpieces have become a popular decor for weddings, events and instead bouquets of fresh flowers.

‘Kusamono actually gets more interesting over time. As they age, they develop more character and personality. It is durable because kusamono is reusable and it reflects the natural beauty that surrounds us. Bonsai allows us to get in touch with nature even in our urban environment.’

Tom has always had a passion for the environment, the arts and plants. He is also a visual artist under the pseudonym notanautomatom. Her strong background in painting has helped develop her dedication to the design aspects and fine detail of bonsai and plant arrangements.

“I hope my passion can transfer into my larger goal of trying to protect our natural environment. There are very few people who get into bonsai without caring about the environment and the challenges that society faces. is about to face.

Although this is a new venture that has faced many challenges due to the pandemic, the return of weddings and events creates a busy season ahead for Best Coast Bonsai.

“It’s rewarding to see the plants at the event and how unique they are. Seeing people experience the product and really enjoy it makes the hard work worth it. »

To learn more about Best Coast Bonsai, visit their website and Instagram

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