Top 5 Online Nurseries for Gardening Enthusiasts in India

Gardening has always been the most popular hobby, and now it’s an area of ​​interest that has blossomed. But as you know if you have already started your journey on the most interesting path of gardening then you must know that it requires a lot of equipment. It will make your gardening experience more enjoyable and fruitful. Whether you are looking for new plants, seeds, tools or looking for gifts for your friends who also love gardening, online gardening nurseries are the best idea because it means you can buy almost anything comfortably.

Here we offer you the list of top 5 online gardening stores, which you will surely like to try:

1) Live Daycare

Nursery Live launched in 2014 has surpassed many competitors to become the best online plant nursery with a huge customer base, the popularity of this nursery can be attributed to the wide range of plants that go way beyond succulents, cacti and climbers. You will get aquatic, aromatic plants, avenues, landscapes, orchids, medicinal plants and trees. Currently, they provide over 5000 products including plants, seeds, tools and other garden accessories.

2) Ugaoo

If you are a beginner in this interesting journey, then Ugaoo will be the best start for you. They offer a well curated range of plants ranging from low maintenance plants to more exotic plants. They also provide a good assortment of pots and planters that will complement any size of plants you want to keep in your home. They grow plants under expert supervision, and this website also offers free shipping for orders over 499 bugs.

3) FernsPetals

They started out as an online flower and bouquet delivery service, but now they’ve grown into a full-fledged online plant nursery that offers fabulous perks like same-day delivery and themed plants, FernsNpetals is full of great ideas. options, whether you are into Vastu or Feng Shui, then you have to check out their Lucky Bamboo and Bonsai collections.

4) Green Decor

Gardening isn’t easy or cheap, but if you’re looking for the best place to buy plants online that offers affordable plant options, then Green Décor has quality indoor and outdoor plants from only Rs 200. They have a wide range to offer as exclusive gift plants for Diwali providing great options. They also have great personalized gift baskets.

5) Paudshala

A nursery located in the foothills of the Himalayas in Dehradun, Uttarakhand, this is one of the best online nurseries in India to buy forest and medicinal plants. Advantageous due to its beautiful location, the nursery can grow some of the most exotic plant species like Acacia Mangium Plant, Bombax Ceiba Semal Plant, Bonsai Banyan Tree and many more.

Here are some of the best online nurseries in India, which you should try.

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