What Is Cannabis Bonsai? | Grass

The first thing you need to know is that growing your own cannabis bonsai requires patience and dedication, it’s not difficult, but you have to give yourself to your plant project.

To make a cannabis bonsai, a good tip is to harvest a quality cutting, given the quality of the genetics. Now what are the steps?

Choose the plant: You can opt for any type of cannabis plant, either Sativa or Indica. Our recommendation is to do this with small and compact plants like Purple Punch or Blue Widow. Indicas have a better tendency to work as cannabis bonsai.

Select the pot: To start, you will need pots of 0.5 to 3 liters, which must have holes for drainage. It is not recommended to start bonsai from seed as the roots develop easily.

Choose the floor: Humus or bat guano is recommended. But in general, any soil you would use for outdoor growing can be useful.

Plant the cutting: Proceed with planting the selected cutting. Remember that it must be healthy, otherwise you must stake it with a wooden stick. This will allow you to trellis the main stem, be careful not to damage the roots with the stake, preferably insert them simultaneously.

With a string, tie the cutting to the wooden stick. This string will allow you to guide the stem where you want it to go. You need to straighten the branches and the stem, tying strings or threads and applying tension in the desired direction.

Lighting: You will need to place low power lights, more or less 125 to 250 w, and avoid direct light in order to slow down its growth a little.

Maintenance: To care for your bonsai, you need to constantly prune it and make sure it doesn’t twist too much.

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