What makes bonsai so expensive?

Bonsai trees are among the most elegant and expensive trees on the market. A bonsai tree is an art form originating in 6th century China and requires many years of education and many hours a day of cultivation.

On the one hand, bonsai trees are indeed miniature trees that represent the authentic beauty and majesty of living nature when grown in a small container. But apart from the small size, it’s the full range of care, attention, dedication, knowledge and artistic skill required to create a bonsai masterpiece that often goes unseen by the eye. eye.

What makes them so expensive?

Like many works of art, bonsai trees come at a high price. At the 2012 International Bonsai Convention, a tree was on sale for 100 million yen, or just under $1 million. Bonsai trees are a form of artistic expression, different from other types of plants you can buy at the nursery.

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When you buy a bonsai tree, you are also buying a piece of the artist’s vision, but unlike many other works of art made in days, weeks, or even years, bonsai art is created over decades. , and sometimes even centuries. Bonsai have a trademark aesthetic. They are often placed in large pots with room for other bonsai trees so they can grow among trees and grass to simulate a small forest.

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What is the process of dwarfism?

Dwarfism involves growing a regular tree to create a perfect miniature in a small pot. The practice of creating tiny trees is due to the complicated and labor-intensive process required to ensure that the various trees engage with each other.

Yamadori is the Japanese practice of collecting bonsai trees that grow organically in the wild. Some trees grown in the wild create their bonsai trees, based on the complex root system underground.

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It is extremely rare to find trees raised in the Yamadori method as they grow in very remote locations. Trees harvested using the Yamadori method have a low survival rate when sold in artificial environments.

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Bonsai in Pakistan and its price

Bonsai trees in Pakistan can cost between 5,000 PKR and 250,000 PKR. Most often they are imported to Pakistan. However, small companies also grow the plants on their own. Different cities in Pakistan, including Karachi and Multan, hold several exhibitions to help people better understand and learn the art of bonsai cultivation.

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